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Foundation Futuristic Technologies (FFT), established in 1999, is a global leader in the computer forensics and digital investigation solutions space. Our proven in-depth domain expertise has been developed over decades of working with law enforcement organizations on numerous complex crime investigations. We provide a broad spectrum of standalone and turnkey solutions that enable digital investigations of any kind, including computer forensics, mobile forensics, incident response, eDiscovery and information assurance.

Our solutions and services serve government agencies and corporations world-wide. Foundation Futuristic Technologies partners with leading forensic solution providers such as IBM®, AccessData®, Guidance Software®, Tableau® and Wetstone® to provide incident response, mobile forensics, computer forensics and visualization technologies to agencies specializing in homeland security, internal and field investigations and defense.

Foundation Futuristic Technologies has a state of the art computer forensics lab equipped with all the latest tools and technologies from around the world and manned by certified personnel trained in the US and UK.

FFT has also developed an award winning Call Data Analysis & Management System (CDAMS) product that leverages this expertise along with several thousands of man hours of real-world telephone data investigation experience to provide a sophisticated, intelligent call data analysis solution which enables analysts to generate timely, actionable intelligence for the quick apprehension of suspects. To enable exponential increases in productivity for intelligence professionals, FFT has partnered with IBM to create an integrated CDAMS-i2 Analyst's Notebook Solution bringing together cutting edge CDR analysis and visualization.

Foundation Futuristic Technologies is committed to providing innovative, cutting edge, reliable solutions for a safer planet.

Products & Solutions

  • Establishment of Cyber lab/Computer forensics lab
  • Tailor made training program on computer forensics, mobile forensics and Data analysis
  • Onsite search and acquisition of digital evidence
  • Digital Crime Scene Response
  • Data mining Solution
  • Cyber Lab Integration
  • Computer forensics including analysis and reporting
  • Data recovery of digital media
  • Email Investigations