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Call Data Analysis & Management System (CDAMS)

CDAMS is a powerful CDR-Analysis tool with proven advanced capabilities for intelligent analysis and automated processing of huge volumes of CDR (Call Detail Record / Telephone Toll Record / Cell phone Tower Dump) data within an intuitive, user-friendly interface. CDAMS has a sophisticated multi-layered search query engine used for building comprehensive suspect profiles. CDAMS enables analysts and intelligence professionals to convert large volumes of complex, disparate data into actionable intelligence

Key Features:

  • Analysis of CDR / Tower Data / ISD Data / Gateway Data / SDR Data.
  • Easy to use interface with automated operations.
  • Can be operated in Server or Standalone mode.
  • Multiple data formats & records imported with a single click.
  • Reports can be generated in various formats (xls, xlsx, html, txt, csv).
  • Computer Forensics including Analysis and Reporting
  • Subscriber data lookup with a single click.
  • Data can be analyzed on the basis of frequently called countries, IMEI usage, common IMEI, call duration, Cell ID location, conference call analysis and much more.
  • Fully compatible with the i2 Analyst's Notebook™.
  • Instant generation of suspect location, association and behavior reports.
  • Intuitive multi-layered search query engine for building comprehensive suspect profiles.
  • Critical analytical capabilities including cross-case, geofencing, identity change, common number, new number and map based location & movement analysis.
  • Support for data extracted from mobile forensics tools such as Cellebrite’s UFED™, Micro Systemation's XRY™, Tarantula™ etc.

Products & Solutions

  • Establishment of Cyber lab/Computer forensics lab
  • Tailor made training program on computer forensics, mobile forensics and Data analysis
  • Onsite search and acquisition of digital evidence
  • Digital Crime Scene Response
  • Data mining Solution
  • Cyber Lab Integration
  • Computer forensics including analysis and reporting
  • Data recovery of digital media
  • Email Investigations